SD Card Audio Play Back Module V1.0

Brand: Elementz Engineers Guild Private Limited
Product Code: PBMV1.0
Availability: In Stock



  • 5 Volt operation
  • UART and adrress selection support
  • Supports all SDHC cards
  • Supports memory of 4GB* (Can use memory card of any size but only 4 GB will be accessed by the device.)
  • Supports WAV file format - Uncompressed, 8-bit
  • Supports both Stereo and mono sounds
  • Free MP3 to WAV file converter for SD card playback module
  • Compatible with PIC, ARM, AVR, 8051 ICs and supports Arduino platform.


Refer Our wikipage ​for more details 


Click Here For User Manual


*Kit contains only a playback module No SD card is available with the kit

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