Brushless Motor D2826-1400kV

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D2826-10 is a brushless motor with KV ratting of 1400. Brushless motors are are synchronous motors which are powered by a DC electric source via an integrated inverter/switching power supply, which produces an AC electric signal to drive the motor. In this context, AC, alternating current, does not imply a sinusoidal waveform, but rather a bi-directional current with no restriction on waveform.

Note: D2826-1400kV is a Short shaft BLDC motor.


  • KV(rpm/v): 1400
  • Pull: 780g
  • Max Power: 205W
  • Battery: 2-3Li-Po
  • Ri(M ): 0.078
  • ESC: 30A
  • Motor size: 27.7*26.3(mm)
  • Weight: 50g

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Brushless Motor D2826-1400kV (Short shaft)
  • 1 x Accessory Kit

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