PCB Design & Fabrication

PCB Design

We offer comprehensive PCB design services for OEMs in various markets. We have successfully designed hundreds of boards that meet the most precise compliance requirements. Our PCB designers have vast experience and are exposed to a wide variety of design challenges and technologies. Each PCB design has unique needs, and guidelines must be customized as required. We work closely with clients to assess specific PCB layout challenges from low-cost commercial products to more complex concepts. With our experienced PCB designers, we will get your innovative concepts to market fast.

We can function as your company's virtual PCB design department, or as an addition to your design department during peak periods

Prototype Development

To understand and analyse potential problems and also to rectify these problems, building a prototype of circuit board is essential. After thorough testing, problems rectified and final design approved, bulk production can be started. The creation of a prototype and thereby the detection of problems reduces the production cost significantly and massively reduces the chance of any design inaccuracies of the final product and also increases the productivity.

Our customers are provided with the required prototype in quick time using our efficient process control and streamlined development techniques without compromising on our superior standards.

Bulk Production

We are capable of providing printed circuit boards in any quantity required by our clients. To ensure that the circuit designing & product efficiency is in sync with our client's specifications & requirements, we work in close collaboration with them. We understand customer requirements & have the capabilities to provide customized products built to diverse requirements. We are able to provide PCBs in any quantities as desired by the client.