3 Servo Rduino based Hexabot

Brand: Robosoft Systems
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Rs4,290.00 Rs3,861.00


This DIY kit focuses on development of a Hexapod using on 3 Servo motors. The robot is made from laser cut acrylic structural components . It is controlled through Rduino Atmega328 based USB programmable development board and has Dual TSOP based obstacle avider module for Autonomous mode. It can also be controlled via a wireless Infrared Remote.



  •  Legged autonomous Robot DIY kit with Rduino AVR atmega328 based ISP/USB programmable development platform
  •  Complete DIY kit made from high quality laser cut acrylic
  • Consist of 3 Servo Motors
  • Optional Dual TSOP Obstacle Detection modules
  • Wireless control through IR Remote
  • LION 8.2V/1000 mAH Battery with Charger

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